Backyard STEM

There is a great need to expose our youth to the science of our environment through applications that excite and intrigue. Backyard STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) is an environmental science program that focuses on getting students outside or bringing the outside into the classroom for experiential learning about our ecosystem. These modules were developed for Tennessee 4-H to support the mission of creating the next generation of well-equipped scientists and engineers. Each module addresses Tennessee Standards of Learning and contains a guided inquiry and leaders guide.

Reporting Impact:

We all need data to stay relevant these days. Please help us create our annual impact statement by reporting below on which activities you have used and an estimate of how many students were reached. We would also love to hear your feedback.  Thank you in advance!


Students looking at soil texturing


Soil biology

Soil formation

Soil texture

Soil services

Soil conservation

Soil color

Soil water holding capacity

Rain Gardens

Footprints in the foret


Observations and Inferences




Food Webs

Math in Nature: Patterns (FIbonnaci Numbers)

Math in Nature: Symmetry

Design Challenge: Spider Webs

Design Challenge: Hexbug Habitats

Island Biogeography

Participants doing Ecosystem in a Bottle




Climate Change

Climate Change


Topographical Mapping

Backyard STEM In-services:

Are you an educator and need some fresh ideas for STEM in your classroom? Join us for a training event where we will walk through a series of hands on environmental science activities, ready for your next club or class.